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Some 51 percent of respondents were shown to agree with the statement, while 42 percent disagreed. And here, there are at least 2 traditions about ancient celtic monuments that are not that at all, they were invented to attract tourists when the railway first came through in the s. Christians want to pretend that no one shared the Jesus story without first memorizing the entire gospel story and passing a rigorous test.

I had to Wikipedia it. It had Toshiro Mifune in it. I knew him from Midway. Captain Garth: How much can you decipher? Commander Rochefort: Fifteen percent. Captain Garth: Really decipher?

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Commander Rochefort: Ten percent. Captain Garth: Ten percent? Here, welsh language eisteddfodau, choral festivals are a big thing. DD interviewed parents bringing their children — part of her college course, and asked how old these festivals were and was surprised most thought they pretty much went back to the dawn of time, but in fact they were invented by a guy in the 19th century who claimed to have discovered old manuscripts about them.

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Actually he had forged these documents. Did pagans wanting to become Christians have to become Jews first. The answer over years ago was a resounding no.

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So the references to Jewish Cultural laws and arguments that Christians are bound to them are completely irrelevant. But people who want to argue will argue regardless. Yeah, but how can you hate fags without the Old Testament? See things from the standpoint of Westboro Baptist church. It was a no from Paul. From the James contingent, the story was different.

Saints in the Marketplace: A Biblical Perspective on the World of Work

The fundamental christian disagreements we see today look like those that go all the way back to the beginning. But in John, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene. Why was it called the Field of Blood?

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Or was it called the Valley of Slaughter, per Jeremiah because people were killed there? In Mark , a leper politely begged Jesus to heal him. Did Jesus react with compassion, per most manuscripts, or with anger, per the older manuscripts? Assyrian records show that Hezekiah got the Assyrians to call off their siege of Jerusalem by paying hefty tribute to Sennacherib, incl his daughters, and swore to renew his vassalship. So there are errors in the Christian bible. And when Christians disagree, what then? Will you take on the job?

Great question. It involves going to the enormous collection of ancient texts in existence. Unlike other classics, such as Greek and Roman texts of antiquity, we have not only a hundred times as many, we have fragments that can be traced to the first and second centuries. This gives the ability to use textual criticism and determine errors and the original message.

The others are the existence of verses in a minority of manuscripts that do not appear in the majority and the oldest copies. No, no fragments from the first century.

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Mark says Jesus reacted to a leper begging him to be healed. Most manuscripts said he reacted with compassion but the older manuscripts say he acted with anger. Scholars, as a rule, go with the harder reading, figuring that a scribe is more likely to accentuate the positive than the negative. But there is no way to know for sure.

There are no fragments that can be traced to the first century. There was a claim about a first century manuscript but that turned into a great big embarrassment after several years. One of the oldest of fragments has some missing text cannot say what other manuscripts say. There must be at least one word missing. Which word? Does it say what they think it says? Few, if any, New Testament books can be reconstructed from second century fragments. It has been shown that there are more changes between the manuscripts before canonization than after.

That means there is no reason to think the earliest copies were reliable either. Stop trying to exaggerate the reliability of the New Testament. What we have shows that it is fiction based on the fictional literature of the day. They rely on the Old Testament for their information about Jesus. Peter denied Jesus 3 times.

Interestingly, nobody seems to have done that yet. Or can you give us the title of the book where that distillation is described? Or admit you just pulled it out of your ass. Or demonstrate your abject dishonesty by ignoring that issue. It looks a lot like nobody knows where we can find the results of that analysis.

Or maybe nobody has done that analysis. Or you know what it really looks like? I suppose life is easier for people who just believe what their authority figures tell them. There are no first century fragments of the NT in existence…so you are lying…ignorant…stupid…. But Christianity is used as a club within American society. Maybe because believers are attempting to force down on non-believers their ideas.

Just to begin with. If indeed the bible is a message to mankind and not just a collection of texts from an already established religion. If there is very little internal inconsistency in the Iliad , does that make any of it true, or false for that matter? Matthew, Mark, and Luke say the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus happened on Friday. John says it was all on Thursday. That is an internal inconsistency about the most important event in Christianity.

Then one is killed for sins and the other is released into the wilderness, the way one goat is killed for the sins of the people while the other is released into the wilderness in Leviticus But the problem is that the ritual is for Yom Kippur, Atonement Day, which is about five months after Passover. Then there is the Mocking of Jesus that follows the bit about Barabbas. The spelling in Greek for Barabbas and Carabbas is the same after the first letter of each.

Think Biblically! (Trade Paper): Recovering a Christian Worldview

The youths accost Carabbas, taking him to the gymnasium, dress him in a door mat for a cloak, make a crown of papyrus leaf, give him a scepter made of papyrus, then act like he is a king. Mark invented the story from other literature but John alters it a little for theological reasons. So, yes, the day of the week is a small point compared to the whole story being completely contrived from other literature.

You run out of arguments and resort to infantile threats of imaginary retribution. Keep fighting, Greg. Do you spend your time arguing against the existence of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy? When they are adults and still believe stuff like that, I do. Are you saying you do not try to convince adults who believe that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are real that they are wrong?

Or do your arguments against SC and TF strike too close to your religious beliefs?


Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are not abusive wankers like your god who likes blood sacrifices and makes up shitty rules about sex and ownership of other people. Never underestimate the violence associated with what was fairy belief in the past. Fairies were once gods and goddesses prior to the invasion of Christianity.

Each sept…or clan…had their favourites, and were believed to help in battle.