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If he does not have that, he is no man," Lipsig says. These are the qualities that make successful negligence lawyers, and if you don't believe that, Corriston is one of the best, ask him. I got the biggest cash settlement in the history of Bergen County," he says proudly, referring to a New Brunswick case settled last summer in which a driver was struck from behind at a stoplight by a truck.

This was cash. I've got the checks right here in my office to prove it. Lloyd is the opposite of Corriston. He is soft-spoken and takes great care to be precise. His is a world of caution, of reason. Square-jawed, suntanned, in a white button-down shirt and tasteful blue tie, he is a man you'd love to have as your neighbor. His lawn would always be neatly clipped. I'll bet that Carter would admit, if you asked him, that he appeals to emotion, bias, passion. Despite their different approaches to the law, Lloyd and Corriston regard each other as friends; and they agree on most aspects of the negligence-law scene.

A good 95 percent of negligence suits are settled between the parties to the suit, most before the case even goes to trial, a few during trial but before the verdict is reached. Still, it is the threat of a jury trial that brings the parties to the bargaining table. Jury awards have become more liberal because of inflation, because jurors are more affluent, the lawyers say.

Jurors are more sophisticated, they hear more and more reports of lawsuit awards, and large awards no longer seem unreasonable. They are more aware of what is means to suffer, and they may even may be more compassionate, Lloyd says.

What’s going on in the ear when your child hears a loud noise?

While the field of defendants lately has expanded to include doctors, and, most recently, product manufacturers, there are still only a small group of prime targets for negligence suits. The list is headed by large auto manufacturers, and includes tire manufacturers, drug companies, and cancer-linked chemical manufacturers or asbestos producers.

No right-thinking negligence lawyer would sue anyone who isn't insured. And, at least in New Jersey, few negligence lawyers want medical-malpractice suits. Corriston says he takes one out of 10 he is approached to represent. It can take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars just to find out if there's a case there," says Brian Coyle, a partner of Lloyd's. For some cases they use their own in-house investigators, for other cases they hire specialists. It is not uncommon for multimillion-dollar lawsuits to take five years to prepare.

If a trial goes to jury, not any old jury will do. Using their rights to remove jurors, lawyers try to set up a jury which will be most favorable to their cases. People who work for the government, people who work for the oil companies or utilities. She can sympathize. Give me free-spenders, give me certain ethnic types who are warm and family oriented.

Give me Italians, Jews. The biggest problem is we don't get businessmen or salesmen on juries in Bergen County.

- The Washington Post

Unlike many of his brethren across the country who dazzle jurors with graphic exhibits - films of a day in the life of a paraplegic are often used in accident suits - Corriston eschews such devices. His secret is to know the locality, know the jurors, and know the accident so well that he can implant ideas in jurors minds that they won't forget. We have reasonable people in Bergen County, they don't need all those gimmicks," he says.

But Harry Lipsig, who won one of his first famous cases in in Hackensack in a case that established the precedent that drivers should look out for children, says he would prefer never to go to court in New Jersey. Jurors there are not in the same atmosphere of easy money as New Yorkers.

What is it the ear does?

New Yorkers have Wall Street, they are accustomed to big money. Jerseyites are homeowners, they are more careful of money. There's no finer being for empathy than you get in the good city of New York. Please enter a valid e-mail address.

Please enter a valid phone number. Please verify that you have read the disclaimer. The use of the Internet or this form for communication with the firm or any individual member of the firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship. I always had to speak up, but sometimes my volume and feelings buried what could have been a dialogue between friends. I also lacked the self-confidence to think I could be loved exactly as I was; a solid self-esteem would have made my path easier.

How do I counter-act the cultural message that pits girls against girls? She suggests enrolling girls in programs such as Girls Inc.

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I think back to my reply to my oldest girl when her friend asked her to quiet down; I think I did OK. There will be people who like you for exactly who you are.

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  7. I know I added our family saying to our discussion, too: You have to be kind. I want to help her find the middle ground, to speak with assertiveness without being overly aggressive. But first I reminded her that her loud voice is a voice I will always love, and there will always be people on this planet who want to hear her speak even if her volume is occasionally a tad too loud.

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