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Clare on May After focusing on large-scale live work with orchestras in recent years, this show recalls his original solo tours where he defied sceptics by delivering high energy rock performances using only a piano. They band have been quiet in the last couple of years, with each member getting involved in a range of extraneous projects.

New Jersey Footlights: March

They returned with the video for new single ' Don't Give In '. Fronting his alt. The band marked their return with the video for new single ' Don't Give In '. The characters in the songs are searching for a new idealism, although there are some personal songs in there too. Releasing 2 albums on their intial run, listen to synth-led indie rock tune ' Switzerland ', their first single back after 7 years.

The four finalists of Chordblossom's Kickstart competition perform in a live showcase at Foundry on May Having over 80 entries, a shortlist vote, then this final, the four acts are alt. They've been nominated for plenty of Radio 2 Folk Awards, combining four-part harmonies with tradition instruments that include uilleann pipes, concertina, Russian accordian, fiddle and guitar. Doors open at 2pm. Their actions, which took down Colombia - and the world's - most infamous drug lord, have been famously documented on Narcos.

Both agents have received a huge amount of recognition for their work with the DEA. Watch the video for ' Nervous Young Inhumans '.

Performing are alt. There will also be a raffle to win some cool socialist feminist artwork.

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At this point, only frontman Alex Ounsworth is the only original member, with the rest of the core lineup departing in Check out ' Pink Nose '. Supporting are young alt. Fred from the Isle of Wight. Doors open at Watch them live. Watch the video for his single, ' Morphine '. The event runs from 2pm Check out his music here. A return for Suzuki following his extraordinary show with Blue Whale and Paul Stapleton in Belfast last year, this is set to be an unmissable event for anyone with even a passing interest in experimental and improvised music.

The Japanese-born, Cologne-based vocalist and musician has recorded a number of hugely influential albums such as Tago Mago, Future Days, and Ege Bamyasi. Doors are at 8.

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  2. Drama On 3.
  3. Cognition, Creativity, Criticism.
  4. The Truth About The Bible.
  5. Druscilla Penny!

Check out their Fuzz Club Session. They combine free jazz, avant-rock and Greek folk to tell tales rooted in history and mythology, unveiling truths along the way. Check out ' Forging ' live in Dublin's Guerrilla Studios. Check them out on Soundcloud. Check out the video for ' Dumbbo '.

Watch the video for new single ' Deep Pockets '. They're also one of our 18 for '18 acts.

  • Ethnic Heritage in Mississippi: The Twentieth Century;
  • A Man and A Mouse: .
  • Alaskan Forum.
  • Hobbes, the Scriblerians and the History of Philosophy!
  • They've long been beloved as one of electronic music's best acts, with Selective Memory bringing them for a full live setup "with crackpot MCs and singers, drums, djembes, melodicas, guitars, MacBooks and racks of synths". Beginning in dive bars of Tel Aviv, he brings sounds native to his homeland through electronic excursions from even further out, bridging the gap between new wave, house, techno.

    Check him out on Soundcloud. Check out the video for their most recent single, ' Babel's Tower ', taken from said LP. Watch the video for ' Wait In The Car '. Watch the video for the Fantano-championed outfit's recent single, ' North Pole '. The next edition of Women on Wednesdays at Whelan's takes place on May 30, with another three wonderful performers spanning spoken word, poetry and music. One of the most unique and diverse festivals in Ireland, Open Ear is not one to be missed.

    From avant-garde sound design and ambient music to experimental dance music and groovy electronics, it is a festival that champions the best of the best in the Irish undergrowth. Such an occasion held in a place like this is going to make for countless memories. In the beautiful off-coast sanctuary of Sherkin Island, the expansive Open Ear holds its third annual outing.

    Catalogue of New Plays 2016–2017

    In addition, the organisers promise further secrets that won't be revealed until the festival begins, but stage times have been announced. The latest Zool Radar takes place on May 31, featuring four up-and-coming local talents at the Menagerie, as ever. The Audio Visual Arts event is an unmissable night of the European festival calendar, broadcast live through partners Boiler Room online with this year featuring the addition of a fourth stage.

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    Watch the video for ' How Many More Times '. Monster Magnet are set to play the Limelight 2 on June 2 in their first time in Ireland in several years. The heavy stoner rockers come from New Jersey, formed in , and have remained one of the genres stalwarts since the mid-to-late '90s. Watch the video for ' Space Lord '. Tickets are available from Eventbrite. The audience tends to ask more challenging, revealing, playful and ultimately serious questions.

    You never know what you are going to get. They can be fearless and they can go deep. There has been a connection happening with the audience through the recent live shows where we have all shown a kind of willingness to open up and I thought that a direct conversation with the audience might be valuable. The more frank and intimate the questions, the more interesting the evening will be. I do have some things to say. I can always play some songs at the piano if it all goes horribly wrong.

    Gates open at 5pm. More support to be announced. Watch the video for ' I'm Sorry Young Man '. Further to the rumours, an absolutely unmissible live proposition has been confirmed at Malahide Castle. Formed in by the pair, they've had a huge number of musical collaborators, with Albarn the only constant as they've plumbed the depths of alt. Watch the video for ' Garage Palace '. Gates open at 4pm. For a long time, the band featured Joey Burns of Calexico before reinventing the band again with Danish players. Here's the title track. You can check them out on Bandcamp. Things kick off at 8pm. Admission is free, but places must be registered in advance from Eventbrite. The event runs from 2. The D. Their image has always been key to the band's identity, and this 3D tour is the logical step for them in the 21st century.

    Tickets for the shows are available from Ticketmaster. The indie rock band from Cincinnati, formed in breaking through in a big way from fourth album, Boxer and everything afterwards. Full lineups for the bills will be unveiled shortly.

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    This date also promises to feature some new material. Many thanks to her wonderful cast, ADs and all the brilliant, creative women of the Looking Glass. Thanks also to her soon-to-be husband for supporting her as she once again takes on too many things at once. Petersburg, Russia where she was first introduced to acting and theater by her mother. She recently moved to New York from Philadelphia after having received her B.

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    • In Philadelphia, she performed in roles such as Sara in Mr. Kate is excited to be making her Looking Glass Theatre debut and is so grateful for having had such a great collaborative and creative group of women to work side by side with.