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These are dreams that are demonically inspired, deceitfully crafted by evil agents. One biblical example of false revelation is found in Acts where Paul casts out a python spirit of divination from a slave girl; with this spirit she had brought her masters much profit through fortune telling. It is important, therefore, that we develop and exercise discernment in properly identifying the sources of our various dreams. Dream Language, however, is not something to fear. It is something to cherish! Purpose and Invitation Why does God sometimes speak in dream language? What is His purpose? He wants to stir within us our natural inclination to search out answers.

In other words, God has given us an open invitation into kingship. I believe that seeking to understand dreams is part of the impact of the Reformation of the Church that originated in the —s. The Great Reformation restored to the Church the concept of the priesthood of every believer, the power and authority of every believer to relate to 29 Dream Language God directly without going through a priest or any other designated authority figure. Jesus Christ is our only Mediator.

Prophetic Plagiarism or Precision? Exposing Copycat Prophets

Through Him we are all ministers and we all have equal access to God the Father. Yet there is another dimension to this. The Old Testament identified the three basic offices: prophet, priest, and king. In Christ we are all three. We are each priests who petition and prophets who receive. Receiving and understanding dream language in turn moves us into the realm of kings whose glory is to search out a matter.

He wants to give us the keys of revelation so that we can unlock the meanings behind our dreams. It is the glory of a king to search out a matter! Be a king, and go search it out! This is your inheritance! This is not a slave mind-set. Slaves have no rights and no access to the King. Understanding revelation is all about being a son or a daughter. It is about kingship. It is about approachability and access to the throne. As you begin to move in the realm of dream language, God will begin to unfold mysteries for you.

He will give you insights to share with others, insights about your city or your family. He will give you things to pray about to block the way of the demonic entrance. He wants to not only spur us on to search for His message but also put us in intimate touch with the Messenger— Himself. That is His purpose—and His invitation. God has an awesome plan for your life and He wants to use dream language to speak to you. He wants to place the spirit of revelation upon your life and use you to bless and build up other believers.

God wants to reveal Himself, His purposes, and His ways. Our goal as believers is to live in Christ and to release the fragrance of His presence wherever we go. There is a dreamer.

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If so, then come along with me. Jesus spoke in parables. How does this relate to dream language? State an example of dreams given to believers and to unbelievers alike as recorded in the Bible. Do you expect God to speak to you in the realm of dreams? Has He spoken to you in this manner in the past? If so, recite an example. Jim W. It was different with me. My personal dream journey had some dark beginnings. I was very young when I first started having supernatural dreams, and they were usually dark in source, content, and even color. One of the keys to interpreting dreams is to consider the quality of the colors that appear in them.

Dreams characterized by dark, subdued, or muted colors typically do not originate from the Holy Spirit.


What Does the Bible Say about the End Times?

More often the Holy Spirit sends dreams that are full of lively, bright, vivid colors. After all, God is alive and vibrant! The Bible speaks of a rainbow surrounding His throne and an emerald sea before Him. God is full of color! His is a kingdom of light! The kingdom of the enemy, however, is full of darkness. As a child I had one recurring dream in which everything was very gray and dark. A man would appear in the shadows at the foot of my bed and begin taunting me. Then the being would raise a large butcher knife over me.

The Biblical Secret to Operating in Higher Level Prophetic Anointing — Charisma News

Just as he was ready to plunge the knife down into my body, I 33 Dream Language would wake up in fear and trembling. As if this gruesome image was not frightening enough for me as a young boy, I remember even more strongly the overall atmosphere of absolute terror that permeated the dream experience.

It would be easy to write off a dream like this as a simple childhood nightmare. But with dreams, often there is more to them than meets the eye. Discernment is critical in this matter. I do believe in praying with parents and their children to silence their nightmares; I have successfully done so with many. At the same time, it is important to understand that even nightmares can signify, if interpreted correctly, a forerunner understanding of what God wants to do in the life of this child.

Always remember, the enemy is only threatened by what challenges him! In my recurring nightmare, the downward plunge of that butcher knife sometimes catapulted me into an open vision. At the time, of course, I did not even know or understand what an open vision was, let alone how to interpret such events. This did not come till much later! As I eventually learned, the motivating force behind this activity was actually a spirit of death.

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The year before I was born, my mother was expecting a little baby boy, but suffered a miscarriage. However, when I was in the process of being born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck cutting off my breath. Although that is not a highly unusual occurrence in itself, in my case it was a sign of spiritual warfare as the enemy sought even then to literally choke me off from the call that was on my life.

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Warfare seemed to surround my conception, my birth, and later my childhood; but perhaps there is another side to this as the enemy perceived in part that I had a call to the prophetic and to spiritual warfare. Remember, he is only threatened by what challenges him. What the enemy meant for evil, God turned around for good. If you are like me and feel you have had a bad or a difficult beginning, I have good news for you. What satan intended as a curse on your life can be changed into a blessing instead! Remember, God always holds the winning hand! As a child I began praying three specific prayers that I continue to pray regularly today.

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It had to be supernaturally inspired. I could never come up with such a prayer on my own! In my college years and later I became a behind-the-scenes personal intercessor for a man who was first a U. The Lord used to show me in dreams and visions how the hand of God rested upon this righteous man and how he would have the spirit of Joseph upon his life. God called me as a young man to pray that John Ashcroft would be raised with the spirit of wisdom as a Joseph counselor to those in authority. My second prayer in my youth was for wisdom.

Natural training and knowledge are not enough for any of us. To be effective in reaching the world with the gospel of the Kingdom, we need the wisdom of God to enhance our natural abilities, training, and knowledge to take us beyond where we could ever go by ourselves. The temptations to abandon purity have never been stronger or more numerous than in our materialistic, pleasure-driven culture. What God did in the past He will do again.

Bible Prophecy Exposed: Unlocking the Language of the Prophets.

Pray for the spirit of counsel, the spirit of wisdom, and a heart of purity. This enormous gathering was hosted by Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ. Evangelist Billy Graham spoke on the last night and absolutely scorched my life for Jesus Christ. As a result of his message, I dedicated my life to full-time Christian service.

Jesus is all I have ever known.