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Broch himself was dissatisfied with the conclusion of the novel, and it did poorly in Germany and America, although Harald Strauss in a review for the New York Times called it "an exquisite and delicate adventure into the distant recesses of the human spirit. He also produced five shorter novels and made a vain attempt to have these published in a single volume.

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The film was never produced, and nothing ever came of an offer from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to film The Sleepwalkers. Recovering from these disappointments, Broch began working on Die Verzauberung, translated as The Spell in which was published in Hoping to find peace so he could complete his work, Broch moved to the country, but stopped work on the novel to write "Erwagungen zum Problem des Kultertodes," "Considerations on the Problem of Cultural Death", published in in Silberboot.

Returning to work on his novel, Broch finished the initial draft and sent it to Brody in January. Having planned that Die Verzauberung would be the first section of a trilogy, Broch never completed the third version, which was published posthumously.


The narrator is a doctor who has escaped to a quiet town in the mountains to practice medicine. A stranger, Marius Ratti, comes to the town and disturbs the region's serenity. Ratti, who is modeled after Adolf Hitler , persuades the village to return to the pre-industrial era and open the dormant gold mine.

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Soon, the entire town is in hysteria, and a young girl is sacrificed. Ratti's nemesis, Mutter Gisson, represents the true order of life, the opposite of Ratti's antiquated, dangerous philosophy. It is thought that Broch's use of a symbolic relationship between the natural and political world was a retort aimed at the National Socialists' support of "Blut-und-Boden"—blood and soil—motif in literature.

In the following years, Broch spent much time attempting to settle his father's estate.

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After German soldiers marched into Austria in , Broch was imprisoned after his postman reported him for receiving the controversial literary magazine Das Wort. Continuing to work on his novella, he was eventually released and ordered to report to the police in Vienna. Instead of following these orders, he stayed in seclusion with friends. Through the help of various acquaintances, Broch received an exit visa and moved to Great Britain.

With German novelist Thomas Mann 's help, Broch obtained a Guggenheim fellowship stipend until and continued his research in the psychology of the masses. He also collaborated with Antonio Borgese to compile a book promoting democracy.

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Through this work, Broch was able to obtain further financial support for his study of psychology, a project that was never completed. The novel was finally published in There were few reviews of the novel in German, but Broch's popularity in the United States had grown and there were more than thirty reviews of the novel in America.

Orville Prescott, a critic for the Yale Review, wrote "There is a dark beauty in these cloudy pages. After rejecting a position in literature and psychology at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, East Germany, Broch continued to live on a stipend he received each month from well-to-do German exile Wilhelm Roth.

Hospitalized for a broken leg, Broch began writing about Hugo von Hofmannsthal. The completed study was published after his death as Hugo von Hofmannsthal und seine Zeit in and was translated as Hugo von Hofmannsthal and His Time, in His next effort was a collection of short stories titled Die Schuldlosen, published in , one year after his marriage to Anne Marie Meier-Graefe.

When he died in , Broch had received neither fame nor wealth from his literary achievements.

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The public overlooked his forthright interpretation of social issues and his experimental writing. In more recent years, however, he has been cited as one of the most astute social critics of his time.

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James Press Detroit, MI , Hardin, James, and Donald G. In recent years nationalism has emerged as one of the dominant issues of our time. In this lucid and balanced account, David McCrone lays out the key issues and debates around a subject which is too often obscured by polemic. Among topics covered are: No Jacket, as Issued. La storia di un gruppo di giovani intellettuali e dell'influenza esercitata sulla vita culturale e politica austriaca.

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